Residency In The Europe Through A Long-term Residence Permit In Bulgaria

Document processing services for obtaining a "D" visa and long-term residence permit.
Feel At Home, But Live In Europe
That's why obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria is a great idea because here you can have all of that and even more opportunities.
Imagine a well-appointed life in a safe country with a comfortable climate. Abundance of attractions, friendly neighbors, beautiful nature, and a peaceful life in European conditions.
Our Clients Who Have Relocated To Bulgaria Have Noted Several Advantages
Climate conditions

Bulgaria is located on the Black Sea coast and has a mild and sunny climate. This is one of the reasons why many people choose Bulgaria as a place to live and relax.

Real Estate

Bulgaria offers real estate at reasonable prices, which can attract those who are looking for housing as an investment or for permanent residence.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Bulgaria is relatively low compared to other European countries, which can attract those who want to retire or save money.


Bulgaria is one of the cleanest countries in Europe in terms of ecology and offers a wealth of natural attractions such as mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. This can attract outdoor enthusiasts and tourists who enjoy active leisure and tourism.


Bulgaria has a rich culture and history preserved in the form of museums, churches, castles, and other landmarks, which can attract history and culture enthusiasts.

If you are ready to take action, we will provide recommendations on how to do it with minimal effort and time
Moving To Europe According To A Special Program
Registration of a trade representative office
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Retirements program
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Family reunion
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University education
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By origin
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Blue Card
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Other options
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We Will Provide You With The Timelines, Prices, And Possible Challenges: The Honest Work Of Our Experts.

Finding a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone is impossible, which is why we offer a free initial consultation to understand your situation and provide a personalized forecast.

We will assess, analyze, and offer optimal options specifically for your case. We will determine if there are any challenges and how to overcome them. We will also provide guidance on timelines and costs.

Without Unnecessary Bureaucracy And Empty Promises: We Work Together Seamlessly And Conscientiously

Pack your suitcases and focus on other enjoyable tasks before your move. With us, you'll need minimal involvement in document preparation. We'll take care of everything ourselves and provide you with a plan of action. We are familiar with all the nuances of the process and follow a clear algorithm to free you from bureaucratic hassles.

5 More Reasons to Ask GO-BG for Help
Every stage legal support: from preparation of documents to adaptation in a new country.
Assistance in everything: from purchasing insurance to placing children in the garden, renting or buying a car.
We provide feedback and support through WhatsApp and Telegram to clarify any questions and assist with resolving any tasks.
Support in starting and developing a safe and profitable business.
Systematised legal and moral assistance when moving and settling in a new country.
We Will Introduce You To The Best Places For A New Life
GO-BG Is A Reliable Guide To Moving To The European Union
full-time experts
years of successful operations
people who became residents with our help
consultations monthly
Having studied the laws, mentalities, and cultural characteristics, our team has created a comprehensive service for all migration-related matters in Bulgaria.
These People Now Live In The EU And Enjoy The Privileges Of Europeans
Legal And Transparent Methods Of Obtaining A Residence Permit
For Those Who Want To Live In The European Union
Dream of improving the quality of your life
Want to travel more freely
Strive to give your children an education
Are determined to set up your business
Join those who have started a successful and comfortable life in a new country.
If in Doubt, Ask
1. Do you provide document translation services to Bulgarian language?

Yes, our experts provide such a service.

2. Do you help individuals from any country to obtain a residence permit?

Our team assists foreigners in obtaining a residence permit regardless of their country of origin.

3. I want to open a business in Bulgaria. Does your agency handle such matters?

Opening a business in Bulgaria for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit has its own specific requirements. Our experts are well-versed in this matter and will assist you accordingly.

4. If I don't qualify for any immigration program, can you still help?

We will do everything possible to assist you. Contact our specialist, explain your situation, and receive detailed consultation on available options.

5. How much does the documentation for obtaining a residence permit approximately cost?

The cost can range from 150€ to 3500€, depending on the specific immigration program and your individual circumstances.

Here Are The Reviews Of Those Who Have Used Our Services And Are Now Living In Bulgaria:

Ekaterina L.
I express my immense gratitude to the team! They helped me at every stage of the documentation and relocation process. Even after I moved into my new home and had a question about utility bill payment, the guys were available and advised me on the best course of action! They are true professionals and conscientious people!

Andrey Denisovich B.
I sincerely wish you prosperity and good clients. You are doing a great job and doing it excellently. I never thought that it would be possible to complete all the paperwork so quickly and easily.

Sergei S.
Sound recommendations, precise and coordinated actions, always available and responsive to any question. What more could you ask for? Thanks to GO-BG, I opened a representative office in Bulgaria in the shortest possible time, obtained my residence permit, and now I’m planning to travel the world. I recommend your company to everyone, everywhere.

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