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Emigrating to another country is not just changing your address; it's the beginning of a new life in an unfamiliar society with new laws and traditions. The most challenging part of this process is not just moving and getting registered at a European address but also adapting smoothly and quickly to the unfamiliar living environment.

The history of GO-BG began in 2014 when one of its future leaders moved to Bulgaria and encountered the lack of services for assisting immigrants in adapting to life in the country. It was then that the idea emerged to establish a modern immigration center in Bulgaria that would help people quickly and effectively adjust to their new living conditions. For several years, we have studied the mental and cultural peculiarities, requirements for document preparation and submission, and addressed various aspects of daily life.

We carefully gathered and sorted information about all the challenges that foreigners might face in Bulgaria. As a result, we developed a comprehensive system to support people in their relocation to the country and provide ongoing assistance in settling in their new environment.

Today, GO-BG is a modern, integrated service that supports clients in resolving all their migration issues in Bulgaria and adapting to the living conditions of their new home. We don't just help you move to another country; like good friends, GO-BG accompanies you for many years, offering support in various life situations and helping you adapt easily to the new conditions.

Our team members are ready to solve any task that may arise for you, from questions regarding citizenship and residency permits to resolving everyday life situations that inevitably arise in a new place. We will assist you in obtaining medical insurance for your entire family, enrolling your children in daycare, school, or university. We will also provide guidance on how to establish a legal entity and conduct business safely, purchase or lease a car, open a bank account, and handle tax and utility payments to ensure you don't have any outstanding debts. With us, these and many other challenges will no longer be a problem for you.

People come to us even before their move, seeking general information about time and financial costs, instructions on required documents, and steps for relocation. It's no wonder that with each person who turns to us, we become close friends. True friends don't refuse each other anything, and we will immediately take on resolving any of your issues within our capabilities and within the framework of the law.

GO-BG will always be by your side, starting from the idea of moving to Bulgaria until your complete adaptation to your new life.

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