Higher Education in Bulgaria: a Kick of a Promising Future

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A Wide Range of Universities Providing Education in Your Degree
Residence permit for the duration of studies

Obtaining a residence permit for the purpose of studying is one of the most popular ways for foreign citizens to legally stay in the country.

Quality education

Bulgaria is a country with a rich educational history and a high level of training in various fields of science.

Affordable costs

The cost of education and living in Bulgaria is significantly lower compared to many other European countries.

Multicultural environment

Bulgaria offers an ideal and friendly atmosphere for foreign students who are seeking opportunities for intercultural communication and knowledge exchange.

Open your window to Europe and receive a quality education.
The experts at GO-BG will assist you at every stage of the process
Quality Education For Career Growth And Prospects Of Working Abroad
Excellent knowledge and prestigious diploma.
Certificate of proficiency in the Bulgarian language.
New business connections worldwide.
Opportunity for employment in a European company.
Prospect of establishing oneself and living within the European Union.
Your future well-being begins today
Support At Every Stage: From Document Preparation To Obtaining A Residence Permit
We will find a university that matches your interests and specialization
We will prepare all the necessary documents for admission
We will collect, organize, and submit the documents for your residence permit
We will accompany you during interviews and exams
We will provide language support
With us, the process of legalization and adaptation in a new country becomes easier. We will take care of any organizational and practical matters.
European Universities in Bulgaria for Your Future Profession
The Cost Of Education In Bulgaria,
Compared To Global Prices
Study in France top 10 universities.
Annual fee
Study in England top 10 universities.
Annual fee
Study in Germany top 10 universities.
Annual fee
Study in Bulgaria top 10 universities.
Annual fee
6-12 thousand euro
5-10 thousand euro
4-10 thousand euro
2-4 thousand euro
Find Out How To Enter Without Problems
Safe and Comfortable Country
You can welcome guests and travel without restrictions at any time. The country has a low crime rate, high-quality healthcare, a friendly attitude towards foreigners, and a pleasant climate. Parents can feel at ease, while students can enjoy an easy, convenient, and exciting experience.
Paternal Support For Students, Helping To Solve Problems And Meet Their Needs
Study without stress - you have someone to rely on. We keep everything under control before and after enrollment. You can always count on our experience, expertise, and friendly approach. We offer an open online chat with specialists to address any organizational or everyday issues you may have.
Four More Reasons to Use GO-BG Services
We are knowledgeable about all legal nuances and cultural-social aspects and successfully apply them in practice.
We handle most tasks remotely and use well-established document processing algorithms.
We assist you throughout the entire process, from preparation for admission to obtaining a residence permit.
We provide feedback via WhatsApp and Telegram to clarify any questions and solve any tasks.
Take care of your future today, enroll in a European university.
We Work To Ensure Your Comfort In Another Country.
years of successful work and care for students
applicants enrolled with our assistance
certified professionals already employed
consultations monthly
experts in our team, regularly upgrading their qualifications
GO-BG is always there for you: from the idea of enrollment and exams to choosing accommodation and obtaining a residence permit.
The Results Of Our Well-coordinated Work Are In Your Success
We Will Answer All Your Questions And Provide You All Information For Your Peace Of Mind.
1. How much time is required for preparation before admission?

A minimum of two months is recommended. We advise starting your preparation in advance to ensure a positive outcome.

2. My daughter has some knowledge of Bulgarian. Will it help in the admission process or provide any advantages?

Yes, studying in Bulgarian language is usually cheaper, but proficiency needs to be confirmed with an official language proficiency certificate.

3. Is free accommodation provided for foreign students?

To obtain a visa and residence permit, it is necessary to arrange for accommodation on your own. Free accommodations are not provided.

4. How is the tuition fee payment processed?

Payment is usually made after enrollment. Typically, fees are collected on a per-semester basis.

5. Can I expect education to be funded by the Bulgarian government?

Such funding is not available for foreign students. However, you may be eligible for European grants. In that case, your education can be partially or fully covered.

In The European Union, Those Who Aspire To Achieve Success In Life Choose To Study.
To get quality knowledge
To become a competent specialist
that completed a European degree
To travel the world as part of the student exchange programme
To build an international career
To make friends and business acquaintances
in the European Union
These Individuals Have Received European Education And Have Already Found Their First Jobs

Albina Viktorovna, 48 years old
I express my immense gratitude to your entire team! Thanks to you, my daughter was admitted to Burgas Free University and is already studying in her third year. She is enjoying everything, especially the prospect of obtaining a good job—she already has an offer. As a mother, I am very pleased that your specialists constantly support her, not only in the admission process! This is highly valuable! Wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

Kirill, 24 years old
A year ago, I received my diploma, for which I thank GO-BG. They helped me choose a university and assisted me in the admission process. I never thought such a thing was possible, but today I have been invited to work in a reputable European company. I sincerely wish your team prosperity and good clients!

Ekaterina, 22 years old
I would like to say “thank you” to your entire team, especially to Ilya Smirnov. He supported me throughout my studies, and the entire team showed paternal care. This year, I am graduating from the university and have already received a promising job offer. It’s all thanks to you. We need more professionals and compassionate people like you!

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