Two Simple Steps for Obtaining a Residence Permit

Legal Basis:

  • Pensioners supported by a state pension, who are citizens of the respective country, and have sufficient means to reside in Bulgaria.
  • Article 24, paragraph 1, item 10 of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The permit is valid for up to one year.

Who it is suitable for:

  •  Age pensioners.
  • Disability pensioners.
  • Service years pensioners.


  • Any foreign pensioner with sufficient means to live in the country can apply.
  • Simple document preparation procedure.
  • High approval rate of applications.
  • Low overhead costs.
  • Right to apply for residence permits for family members.


  •  Increased insurance costs for individuals over 70 years old.
  • Need to provide prior evidence of financial support by depositing an amount equal to 12 minimum pensions in a Bulgarian bank.
  •  No right to work on an employment basis.
  • Some regional migration services require official translation of pension payments to Bulgaria.

For pensioners from abroad, this method provides a legal opportunity to settle and is the most popular among foreign citizens.

Independent application for a Residence Permit in Bulgaria as a pensioner, supported by a pension from the government of the country of which he is a citizen

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