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General Terms and Conditions for Use of the

These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between, hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider, as party of the first part, and users of the Internet pages and consumers of the services offered on the website, hereinafter referred to as the Consumers, as party of the second part.

Please read the entire published General Terms and Conditions before using the information and commercial services offered on the website (hereinafter referred to as the Services).

This document contains information on activities and the general terms and conditions for the use of the services provided by, which govern the relationship between us and each consumer.

Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions is a necessary and obligatory condition for the conclusion of an agreement between the consumer and the service provider.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the consumer agrees to the processing of their personal data on the basis of an agreement entered into between them and the service provider.

Terms and Definitions

For the purposes of a correct understanding of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used in the following meanings:

Website means and all its subpages.

Consumer means every individual who purchases products or uses services that are not intended for the performance of a business or professional activity, and every individual who, as a party to the contract under this act, acts outside the scope of their commercial or professional activity.

General Terms and Conditions mean these General Terms and Conditions, which include the terms of use of cookies, rules for registration and delivery, voluntary resolution of disputes, agreement withdrawal application form or agreement replacement application form and any other significant legal information that is published on the website.

Personal Data means information about an individual that reveals their physical, psychological, mental, family, economic, cultural or social identity.

Service means any material or intellectual activity that is carried out in an independent way and intended for another person and is not the main subject when transferring the ownership of a thing.

Service Agreement means an agreement that differs from a sales agreement in that, in accordance therewith, the service provider provides or undertakes to provide a service to the consumer, and the consumer pays or undertakes to pay the price for it.

Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Procedure means a procedure for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes that meets the requirements of this act and is carried out by an authority for alternative consumer dispute resolution.


  1. This website gives consumers the opportunity to enter into a service agreement and a provider's service delivery agreement.


2. Consumers use the website interface to enter into agreements with a provider for the provision of the services offered.

2.1. The service agreement shall be deemed entered into from the date the order is confirmed by the provider.

2.2. If it is impossible to provide this service, the provider reserves the right to refuse the order.

2.3. After choosing one or more of the services provided on the provider's website, the consumer shall add them to their list of purchased services.

2.4. When placing an order, the consumer receives a confirmation by e-mail that the order has been accepted.

3. The service provider has the right to refuse to enter into an agreement in the event of improper consumer behaviour.

3.1. The service provider has the right to consider the consumer's behaviour as incorrect in cases where:


4. The prices for the services offered shall be the prices shown on the service provider's website at the time of ordering, except in cases of obvious error.

4.1. Prices for the services shall include VAT in cases where it is provided for.

5. The service provider reserves the right to change the prices for the services offered on the website at any time and without prior notice, and such changes shall not affect orders already placed.

6. The service provider may provide discounts for the services offered on the website in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and the rules specified by the provider. The discount rules shall apply only in cases where a discount is referred to. Discounts may come in a variety of forms (for example, promotional discounts, loyalty discounts, individual discounts, random discounts, competition or customer research discounts).

6.1. Different types of discounts cannot be summed up when ordering and purchasing the same service.


7. When the consumer refuses the purchased service with the right to refund the paid amount for any reason, the refundable amount shall be reduced by the amount of the received discount for the service, that is, only the amount actually paid is subject to refund.

8. The consumer may pay the cost of the ordered services by choosing one of the methods indicated on the website. You can make your payment on the website as follows:

9. If the consumer chooses a third-party payment method, such as a payment service provider, the consumer may be subject to that third party's terms and conditions and/or taxes.

10. The service provider shall not be held liable if the selected third-party payment method, for example, a payment service provider, is not made in cash or fails to work for other reasons, this shall not be deemed due to the service provider's fault.

Agreement Withdrawal and Replacement.

11. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without stating the reason, without the obligation to pay compensation or forfeit within 14 days from the date the consumer enters into the service agreement.

12. In order to exercise this right, the consumer shall tender, in accordance with the applicable rules, to the service provider a clear notice of their decision to withdraw from the agreement, with the indication of the products/services that they wish to return. In this case, in addition to all the information about the placed order and the method of its delivery, they shall also provide information about the summery and cost of the order, the persons who processed their order, etc.

13. The service provider's website shall contain a standard claim form for the consumer to exercise their right to withdraw from the agreement.

14. To exercise the consumer's right to withdrawal, the service provider shall provide the consumer with the choice between filling in a standard claim form and sending it by e-mail or submitting specific free-form withdrawal application. In this case, the service provider shall immediately send the consumer a confirmation of the receipt of the withdrawal application on their end device.

15. If the service provider has already incurred expenses in connection with the performance of the agreement, and the consumer withdraws therefrom, the service provider has the right to withhold the corresponding amount for the costs incurred from the refunded funds or to demand their payment separately.

16. The consumer has no right to withdraw from the agreement if the subject matter thereof is as follows:

17. The service provider shall reimburse the consumer for the amount paid by them.

17.1. In the event that the consumer makes a payment for the agreement with a bank card and then exercises their right and withdraw from the agreement, the paid amount shall be refunded through a reverse operation to the card used to make the payment, within 7 business days.


18. The consumer has the right to file a claim in the event of any non-compliance of the provided service with the agreed/ordered one.

19. The consumer has the right to file a claim for the service, regardless of whether the manufacturer or service provider has provided a warranty therefor or not.

19.1. A claim for a service, if any, shall be filed within 14 days after the identification of any non-compliance of the service quality provided with the agreed one.

20. The claim shall be filed orally by phone to the phone number specified by the service provider or in writing by e-mail to the specified e-mail address or by mail to the address of the company. The service provider shall publish a freely available standard claim form on the website.

21. The consumer's claim shall contain information about the subject of the dispute, the preferred way for the consumer to satisfy the claim, the amount of the claim, contact address, phone number and email.

22. Filing a claim shall be accompanied by documents that confirm the essence of the claim, namely:


23. Filing a claim shall not mean that the consumer loses their right to file a court complaint.

24. The service provider is obliged to maintain a claim register. The consumer shall be sent a document to the e-mail address specified by them, which indicates the claim registration number and the service, the quality of which is being disputed.

25. After the service provider satisfies the consumer's claim, it shall draw up a certificate of satisfaction in two copies, one copy for the service provider and another one for the consumer.

Intellectual Property.

26. Intellectual property rights to all materials and resources posted on the service provider's website (including those to all available databases) shall be protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and belong to the service provider or the designated relevant person to whom the service provider assigns the right to use the same and may not be used in violation of applicable law.

27. In the event of copying or reproducing information in an amount that exceeds the amount permitted by law, as well as in all other cases of violation of intellectual property rights to the service provider's resources, the latter has the right to claim compensation for direct and indirect damage in full.

28. Except for specially stipulated cases, the consumer may not reproduce, change, delete, publish, distribute or disclose in any other way the information collected and published on the service provider's website.

29. The service provider is obliged to properly provide the consumer with the possibilities for proper access to the offered services.

30. The service provider reserves the right to suspend access to the offered services. The service provider has the right, but is not obliged, at its sole discretion, to delete information and materials published on the website.

Termination of the Agreement.

31. The service provider has the right, at its own discretion, without prior notice, to unilaterally terminate the agreement if it finds that the services provided by it are used in violation of these General Terms and Conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and generally accepted moral standards.

32. Except as provided in these General Terms and Conditions, the agreement between the parties becomes null and void if the service provider suspends its activities or ceases to maintain its website.

33. Except for the above cases, each of the parties may terminate the current agreement by tendering the other party a notice of non-fulfilment of the contractual obligations by this other party, 1 week before the termination thereof.

34. The agreement shall be deemed entered into in writing when sending a message to e-mail, when pressing a virtual button on the content page of the website, when the consumer fills in or chooses something, when filling in the field (check-box) on the website and using other website features that allow the consumer to express their will in a technical way.

Saving Clause

35. The parties declare that the invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions shall not entail the recognition of all other provisions of the agreement or individual parts of the agreement as invalid. The invalid provision shall be replaced in accordance with applicable law or good practice.

Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions.

36. The service provider is obliged to tender the consumer a notice of any amendments to these General Terms and Conditions within 7 days after the implementation of such amendments by e-mail to the address indicated by the consumer.

37. If the consumer disagrees with the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, they have the right to withdraw from the agreement without stating a reason and is not obliged to pay any compensation or forfeit to the service provider. In order to exercise this right, the consumer only needs to notify the service provider of the withdrawal from the agreement within one month after receiving the notice of the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions.

38. If the consumer fails to exercise their right to withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the rules set by these General Terms and Conditions, it shall be deemed that the consumer accepts the amendment without objection.

Applicable Law.

39. The provisions of the applicable legislation shall be applied to all issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions.

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