Your key to success: registration of a trade representation with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria!

Is your company ambitiously aiming for new horizons in international business? Do you want to confidently enter the Eastern European market? We offer you a comprehensive solution – registration of a trade representation in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a unique opportunity to obtain residence permits for three representatives.

What is a trade representation?

A trade representation of a foreign company is an external division that operates on behalf of the parent company in another country. However, it does not have legal entity status on its own, which means it cannot independently conduct commercial activities or enter into contracts in its own name. Its primary function is to facilitate communication and support between the parent company and clients in another country.

A trade representation can perform functions such as marketing and advertising initiatives, client consultations, presenting the products of the parent company, as well as gathering market information and competitor analysis for the parent company. It plays a crucial role in strengthening business connections and developing partnership relations on an international level.

What are the requirements for the parent company?

  • Registration form: LLC, LTD, JSC, or CJSC.
  • Companies in operation for more than 2 years.
  • Have turnovers.
  • No tax arrears.

How will GoBg experts assist me?

Registering a trade representation in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is a crucial step for companies looking to expand their operations in the Eastern European market. Our project offers a reliable solution, guiding clients through every stage of the process.

1. Expert assessment of the parent company:

Before commencing the registration of the trade representation, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the parent company. This is a pivotal step to ensure that all necessary requirements will be met.

2. Preparation of document package:

We take on all the intricate work of preparing the necessary documents for the registration of the trade representation. This includes filling out forms, preparing legal documents, and ensuring their compliance with all legislative requirements.

3. Consultation at every stage:

Our team of experts provides professional advice on all matters related to the registration of the trade representation. We are ready to assist with any questions that may arise during the process.

4. Step-by-step guidance:

We provide comprehensive support to the client at every stage of the registration. Our goal is to make the entire process as transparent and comfortable as possible for the client.

5. Updating representation data:

We guarantee annual updates of representation data, including ordering certificates for representatives and making timely changes to the registration information of the trade representation.

Registering a trade representation in the BCCI through our project is a reliable path to successful entry into the Eastern European market. We ensure high-quality support at every stage of the process, giving your company the opportunity to achieve success in this new region.

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