Opening a Company in Bulgaria: Registration and Support!

Establishing a business in a foreign country is a responsible and crucial step. In Bulgaria, with its favorable business climate, you have a unique opportunity to achieve success. We are ready to provide you with comprehensive support at every stage of this process.

Why do you need a company in Bulgaria?

Opening a company in Bulgaria provides several advantages. Firstly, it allows foreign citizens and companies to conduct commercial activities within the country. Secondly, having a legal entity in Bulgaria can significantly simplify real estate transactions, vehicle purchases, and other financial operations. Additionally, due to the favorable tax policy, owners of a company in Bulgaria can substantially reduce their tax burden.

Requirements for the applicant to open a company in Bulgaria:

  • Documents and identification: The applicant must provide documents confirming their identity, such as a passport.
  • Opening a statutory account: It is necessary to open a statutory account with a minimum amount of 2 BGN.
  • Registration with tax authorities: The applicant must register their company with tax authorities and comply with tax obligations.
  • Legal status: The applicant must have the right to engage in commercial activities in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria.
  • Authorization of a representative (if necessary): In case a representative is used for the company registration, a notarized power of attorney is required.

These requirements ensure the legality and legitimacy of opening a company in Bulgaria. For more detailed information and assistance in this process, please contact our specialists.

How will GoBg experts assist me?

1. Expert Support:

We understand that starting a new business is a responsible step. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support at every stage of opening your company in Bulgaria. Our experts will assist in preparing necessary documents, provide legal consultations, and support you during the registration process.

2. Consultations:

Opening a company in Bulgaria opens up numerous opportunities. It can be used for real estate purchases, land acquisitions, or vehicle transactions. Additionally, Bulgaria offers favorable tax conditions, making the country attractive for business development.

3. Drop-shipping and Networking:

We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs in organizing dropshipping and networking businesses in Bulgaria. We help establish the legal foundation for these types of businesses, providing you with everything needed for a successful start.

4. Professional Support:

Running a business requires meticulous accounting and proper tax planning. We will not only help you open a company but also provide advice on organizing your accounting.

Opening a business in Bulgaria with us is not just a process; it’s a step towards new perspectives and success. Our experts are ready to support you at every stage of this exciting entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss your chance – start your business in Bulgaria today!

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