Annual Data Update for Trade Representatives!

Sustaining the efficiency of a trade representation requires not only the initial registration but also annual data updates. We ensure the ordering of up-to-date certificates for the timely renewal of residence permits for representatives.

Why is data update necessary?

The data update for trade representations in Bulgaria is essential for several reasons:

1. Legal compliance: Regular data updates ensure the compliance of your representation with the laws and regulations of Bulgaria.

2. Timely adjustments: Economic and legal conditions may change; up-to-date data allows for timely adjustments to the operation of the representation.

3. Maintenance of operability: Current information on contact details and other aspects ensures the uninterrupted operation of the trade representation.

4. Permit extensions: Updated data is necessary for the timely renewal of permits for the residence of representatives.

Such regular updates ensure the effective and lawful functioning of trade representations in Bulgaria.

How GoBg experts can assist you?

  • Order of current certificates for trade representatives: GoBg experts will process the order for the necessary certificates for your trade representatives, ensuring relevance and compliance with all requirements.
  • Updating contact information for representatives and/or the head company: Our specialists will help you update the contact information for your representatives or the head company, ensuring accuracy and correctness of the information.
  • Closing the trade representation: If you need to close the trade representation, our experts will provide all the necessary support, including the preparation of the corresponding documentation.
  • Updating information in BULSTAT: We will help you make all the necessary changes to the registration data of your trade representation in BULSTAT, ensuring their relevance.
  • Change of the trade representation address: GoBg experts will provide assistance in the process of changing the address of your trade representation, including the preparation of necessary documents.
  • Preparation of a document package for annual updating: We offer full support in collecting and preparing the necessary documents for the annual update of your trade representation data.
  • Submission of all required declarations by law: GoBg experts will assist in the correct submission of all mandatory declarations, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Contact us now and get the necessary support for successful management of your trade representation in Bulgaria!

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