Price list

Price, BGN
Translation of document text, page, 1800 characters
from 11
Legalization of translated document at Bulgarian notary
from 24
Translator services at notary (time slot = 20 minutes)
from 36
Translator services during bank visits
from 54
Representation of client's interests for remote bank account opening
from 272
Medical insurance for foreigners
from 175
Completion of application for D visa
from 10
Completion of application for Migration sector
from 10
Development of power of attorney text (page)
from 15
Completion of statements and applications in other government agencies
from 10
Development of any legally significant document text (page)
from 14
Preparation of documents for replacement of driver's license (package)
from 295
Preparation, processing and submission of document package to university
from 390
Dissolution of trade representation
from 195
Obtaining a certificate from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
from 130
Actualization of data in the Bulgarian Trade Register
from 301
Actualization of data in the Bulgarian Trade Register
from 3800
Actualization of trade representation data
from 936
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